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Will County Acquires Mobile Generators for Emergencies

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Jan. 9, 2015                                                                        

Will County Acquires Mobile Generators for Emergencies

Will County now has extra tools to use during emergencies and disasters when power is needed.  The County’s Emergency Management Agency (EMA) recently received a fleet of five generator trailers provided through an Illinois Terrorism Task Force program.  These generators have been allocated to twelve groups across the state.

If electrical service is disrupted, the generators can be used to power facilities such as public safety buildings, water and sewer facilities, communication sites, and other locations important for maintaining public safety.  The generators may also be used at emergency scenes where power to run emergency operations may not be nearby.

Will County Executive Larry Walsh said these generators are an important addition to the county’s EMA office.

 “Will County is fortunate to have dedicated emergency responders who work hard to keep our residents safe,” Walsh said. “No one is immune to emergencies and we must always strive to be as prepared as possible.  These generators are an important resource to help us reach that goal.”

According to Harold Damron, Will County EMA director, the staff and volunteers will store and maintain the generators.

“We have a dependable group of volunteers to help us keep this equipment ready and are available to respond when emergencies occur,” said Damron. “The generators will be available for use by the County or any of its communities. As part of the statewide program, they may also be deployed to major disasters elsewhere in the State.”

The generators include cables, power distribution boxes, and other equipment needed to supply power.  The value of all of the equipment, paid for by the State using Federal homeland security funds, is approximately $200,000. 


Cutline: One of five emergency generators acquired by Will County through a State Terrorism Task Force program. (Photo Courtesy Will County EMA)

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