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Will County Leadership Series - Black History Month
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Will County Leadership Series - Black History Month

Will County Celebrates Black History Month with Leadership Series


In celebration of Black History Month, Will County Executive Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant has featured the voices of community leaders as part of the Will County Leadership Series. Throughout February, community leaders have been sharing their thoughts on the importance of recognizing Black History.

County Executive Bertino-Tarrant would like to thank these leaders who have stepped forward to share their thoughts. As February comes to a close, the final leaders to be spotlighted are DuPage Township Assessor Kenneth Harris, Pastor Warren Doris Jr., and Parkland Preparatory Academy Principal Tracee Steele.

DuPage Township Assessor Kenneth Harris

1.       As a local leader, why is Black History Month important to you?

People should be thinking about why Black History Monty is important to them. Black History is part of American history and all Americans should be taught this part of American history. Black history month is important to me because it begins a few weeks after celebrating the Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) holiday, which is 1 of 10 national holidays and of the 10, two of the holidays recognize individual people's birthdays specifically. It’s only fitting that the man of his statue pretty much begins the New Year off with what he stood for and the fight for justice. He epitomizes what America should be. I am the person I am today because the Black of the past has laid the foundation. 

2.       Why do you think it’s important for everyone to learn about Black History?

Everyone should learn about Black history because it’s part of our daily lives and a big part of our history.  We are a big part of our military, instrumental in the political process, inventors, educators, and scientists.  Most of the products in our grocery stores were invented by African American, and a lot of our laws that African Americans fought for have benefited all Americans.

Pastor Warren Doris Jr.

1.       As a local leader, why is Black History Month important to you?

African America History should be important to everyone, especially people of color. In a lot of circumstances, the contributions of African Americans to society past and present are not taught or published. Black History months gives everyone the opportunity to explore the depth and breadth of Inventors, Scientist, Civil Rights Leaders, and many other African Americans who are playing and have played major roles to enhance the world.

2.       Why do you think it’s important for everyone to learn about Black History?

It is important so that everyone can appreciate the diversity in achievements that have made America and the World a better place.

About Kenneth Harris

Ken Harris is a licensed Certified Public Accountant and has over 25 years of service with the State of Illinois. He has worked for the Illinois Department of Employment Security, Illinois Department of Revenue, Illinois Department of Corrections, and for the Illinois Correctional Industries. He was recently appointed to serve as the DuPage Township Assessor.  He has been married to his wife Rose for 21 years, and they have three children.

About Pastor Doris

Pastor Warren Dorris Jr. – Pastor Dorris has served in the gospel ministry since 1993. He has been a pastor at Prayer Tower Ministries Church of God in Christ since 2005. Pastor Dorris has been involved in many ministries, both locally and around the world. In addition to his pastoral duties, also served on the Joliet City Council for six consecutive terms, or 24 years.

About Principal Steele

Tracee has more than 14 years of experience in education and is currently supporting underserved students and their families at Parkland Preparatory Academy. She is dedicated to the education and overall wellbeing of all her students and believes the public education system provides a strong foundation for children to be successful in the global economy.

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