About Will County Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

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The GIS Division is a part of Will County's ICT Department. We are a team of 4 dedicated GIS professionals with years of experience in the field. We came from different educational backgrounds, such as geography, city planning, or crime analysis, but everyone's focus is the same: To use GIS technology to solve the problems of the real world. Over the years, we have followed the latest developments in GIS technology closely to take advantage of newer and better ways to do our job.

Our services include three major areas: Maps, Applications, and Data. They work together to help our customers make better decisions and improve productivity. Many pre-made maps are freely available in our "Map Gallery" for viewing and downloading. They cover wide areas of interests and meet many of our customers' basic needs. They are updated annually, and new maps are added actively. We do customized maps upon request, which may include complex analysis. Similar to our maps, we have many datasets freely available at our "Data Store" available for download. Larger dataset and customized data request can be fulfilled on an individual basis. Although our data come from a variety of sources, the majority of our data are developed in-house by either county staff or private contractors. To put our large amounts of data to better use, we build both online and desktop applications to provide capabilities for viewing and analyzing data. We also coordinate or participate in many GIS projects at the local, state, and federal levels and provide educational resources on GIS to the county and the community.


A plat of survey is drawing that represents a single property that has been surveyed in the field and certified by an Illinois licensed land surveyor. A plat of survey is usually required for a mortgage closing, refinancing, or building permit.

Most plats of surveys are held by either a property owner, a mortgage company, a government agency that issued a building permit, or the land surveyor that prepared it. Plats of survey are rarely filed with the County Recorder of Deeds.

The County sells copies of subdivision plats (in the Recorder of Deeds office) or tax assessment maps (from the Supervisor of Assessment office). Neither of these documents can be a substitute for a plat of survey.

Try the government agency that issued the building permit on the property (our Development department for unincorporated areas), their mortgage company, or as a last resort the surveyor who did the survey.

Plats of survey are like bread, they get stale after a while. So even if the property owner can locate an old plat of survey, odds are it is obsolete and they will still have to hire a private land surveyor to create an updated survey. To find a surveyor, please visit https://iplsa.weblinkconnect.com/search.

We would like to personally thank you for stopping by our online home. As a county division, we are here to serve every resident of the County of Will and the general public at large on their needs for spatial information relevant to their work and their daily life. Your input will enable us to do a better job of serving you. So if you have any suggestions or comments, feel free to send them to gis@willcountyillinois.com, call us at 815-774-6343 or stop by our office in Joliet, IL. Enjoy your visit.