2010 Imagery


The images have a pixel resolution of 0.5 feet which generated an orthophotographic database with a mapping scale of 1" = 100'. The imagery was collected between April 9, 2010 and April 18, 2010. This dataset is projected using the Transverse Mercator map projection. The grid coordinate system used is the Illinois State Plane Coordinate System, East Zone (Zone Number Zone 3776, FIPS 1201), NAD83/97 HARN (horizontal datum), with ground coordinates expressed in U.S. Survey Feet. The image was acquired and processed by Merrick & Company provided by Cook County.


AREA (Township / T.R.) SIZE Download
Wheatland (T.37N R.9E) 1.5 GB link
DuPage (T.37N R.10E) 1.6 GB link
Plainfield (T.36N R.9E) 1.5 GB link
Lockport (T.36N R.10E) 1.5 GB link
Homer (T.36N R.11E) 1.7 GB link
Troy (T.35N R.9E) 2.0 GB link
Joliet (T.35N R.10E) 1.9 GB link
New Lenox (T.35N R.11E) 1.8 GB link
Frankfort (T.35N R.12E) 2.0 GB link
Channahon (T.34N R.9E) 1.8 GB link
Jackson (T.34N R.10E) 2.0 GB link
Manhattan (T.34N R.11E) 2.4 GB link
Green Garden (T.34N R.12E) 2.1 GB link
Monee (T.34N R.13E) 2.0 GB link
Crete (T.34N R.14-15E) 2.6 GB link
Wilmington (T.33N R.9E) 2.0 GB link
Fkirebce (T.33N R.10E) 2.3 GB link
Wilton (T.33N R.11E) 2.7 GB link
Peotone (T.33N R.12E) 2.8 GB link
Will (T.33N R.13E) 2.7 GB link
Washington (T.33N R.14-15E) 3.3 GB link
Reed (T.32N R.9E) 1.5 GB link
Custer & Wesley (T.32N R.10E)      1.8 GB      link