The dataset consists of tiled orthogonal imagery produced from NADIR images captured by Pictometry International. The imagery was collected between March 10th, 2020 and April 1st, 2020. This dataset is projected using the Transverse Mercator map projection. The spatial reference for the imagery is NAD83/GRS80 (horizontal datum), and North American Vertical Datum of 1988.

The imagery was collected in two resolutions, higher 3-inch resolution & lower 6-inch resolution. While the 6-inch imagery covers the entire county, 3-inch imagery does not include some rural area of the county.

AREA (Township / T.R.) SIZE Download
Wheatland (T.37N R.9E) 2.4 GB link
DuPage (T.37N R.10E) 2.4 GB link
Plainfield (T.36N R.9E) 2.3 GB link
Lockport (T.36N R.10E) 2.3 GB link
Homer (T.36N R.11E) 2.4 GB link
Troy (T.35N R.9E) 2.2 GB link
Joliet (T.35N R.10E) 2.2 GB link
New Lenox (T.35N R.11E) 2.3 GB link
Frankfort (T.35N R.12E) 2.5 GB link
Channahon (T.34N R.9E) 1.8 GB link
Jackson (T.34N R.10E) 1.7 GB link
Manhattan (T.34N R.11E) 1.0 GB link
Monee (T.34N R.13E) 2.5 GB link
Crete (T.34N R.14-15E) 2.9 GB link
Wilmington/Florence (T.33N R.9-10E) 1.1 GB link
Wilton / Peotone / Will (T.33N R.11-12-13E)      650 MB link
Washington (T.33N R.14-15E) 688 MB      link
Reed / Custer / Wesley (T.32N R.9-10E) 2.5 GB link


Note: If you are having problems downloading any data you see here, please contact us and we would be happy to help.

AREA (Township / T.R.) SIZE Download
Wheatland (T.37N R.9E) 610 MB link
DuPage (T.37N R.10E) 644 MB link
Plainfield (T.36N R.9E) 600 MB link
Lockport (T.36N R.10E) 586 MB link
Homer (T.36N R.11E) 627 MB link
Troy (T.35N R.9E) 677 MB link
Joliet (T.35N R.10E) 578 MB link
New Lenox (T.35N R.11E) 580 MB link
Frankfort (T.35N R.12E) 666 MB link
Channahon (T.34N R.9E) 579 MB link
Jackson (T.34N R.10E) 750 MB link
Manhattan (T.34N R.11E) 587 MB link
Green Garden (T.34N R.12E) 584 MB link
Monee (T.34N R.13E) 630 MB link
Crete (T.34N R.14-15E) 786 MB link
Wilmington (T.33N R.9E) 632 MB link
Florence (T.33N R.10E) 578 MB link
Wilton (T.33N R.11E) 616 MB link
Peotone (T.33N R.12E) 585 MB link
Will (T.33N R.13E) 583 MB link
Washington (T.33N R.14-15E) 800 MB link 
Reed / Custer / Wesley (T.32N R.9E)      616 MB      link
Custer / Wesley (T.32N R.10E) 680 MB link