2014 LiDAR Data

This dataset is 1 point per square meter (ppsm) LiDAR point cloud data and derivative models of Will County, Illinois, However, after processing the dataset satisfies 2 ppsm and Quality Level 2 data. Will County is approximately 840 square miles (2175 square kilometers) in northeastern Illinois. Data was collected at a nominal pulse spacing (NPS) of 0.7 meter. Data acquisition, processing and assessment is compliant with procedures and methods stated in U.S. Geological Survey National Geospatial Program LiDAR Base Specification Version 1.0 and Federal Emergency Management Agency Procedure Memorandum 61. This dataset consists of LiDAR LAS swath files and tiled LAS files. Tiled LAS files contain LiDAR point information which has been calibrated, controlled, and classified.

2014 LIDAR data in other formats (DAT, DGN, TIN) can be downloaded directly from Illinois Geospatial Data Clearinghouse.

AREA (Township / T.R.) SIZE Download
NE-Channahon (T.34N R.9E) 1.6 GB link
NW-Channahon (T.34N R.9E)      2.6 GB      link
SE-Channahon (T.34N R.9E) 1.4 GB link
SW-Channahon (T.34N R.9E) 1.8 GB link
AREA (Township / T.R.) SIZE Download
NE-Crete (T.34N R.14) 2.1 GB      link
NW-Crete (T.34N R.14)      2 GB link
SE-Crete (T.34N R.14) 1.5 GB link
SW-Crete (T.34N R.14) 1.3 GB link
E-Crete (T.34N R.15) 2.5 GB link
Custer & Wesley
AREA (Township / T.R.) SIZE Download
NE-Custer & Wesley (T.32N R.10E) 1.7 GB link
NW-Custer & Wesley (T.32N R.10E)      1.8 GB link
SE-Custer & Wesley (T.32N R.10E) 2.4 GB link
SW-Custer & Wesley (T.32N R.10E) 2.5 GB      link
AREA (Township / T.R.) SIZE Download
NE-DuPage (T.37N R.10E) 2.5 GB link
NW-DuPage (T.37N R.10E)      2.5 GB      link
SE-DuPage (T.37N R.10E) 1.7 GB link
SW-DuPage (T.37N R.10E) 1.8 GB link
AREA (Township / T.R.) SIZE Download
NE-Florence (T.33N R.10E) 2.3 GB link
NW-Florence (T.33N R.10E)      1.6 GB link
SE-Florence (T.33N R.10E) 1.5 GB link
SW-Florence (T.33N R.10E) 1.2 GB      link
AREA (Township / T.R.) SIZE Download
NE-Frankfort (T.35N R.12E) 2.8 GB link
NW-Frankfort (T.35N R.12E)      2.6 GB link
SE-Frankfort (T.35N R.12E) 1.7 GB link
SW-Frankfort (T.35N R.12E) 1.3 GB      link
Green Garden
AREA (Township / T.R.) SIZE Download
NE-Green Garden (T.34N R.12E) 1.2 GB link
NW-Green Garden (T.34N R.12E)      1.2 GB link
SE-Green Garden (T.34N R.12E) 1.2 GB      link
SW-Green Garden (T.34N R.12E) 1.2 GB link
AREA (Township / T.R.) SIZE Download
NE-Homer (T.36N R.11E) 1.8 GB link
NW-Homer (T.36N R.11E) 2 GB link
SEHomer (T.36N R.11E) 2.3 GB link
SW-Homer (T.36N R.11E)      1.2 GB      link
AREA (Township / T.R.) SIZE Download
NE-Jackson (T.34N R.10E) 1.2 GB      link
NW-Jackson (T.34N R.10E)      1.2 GB link
SE-Jackson (T.34N R.10E) 1.3 GB link
SW-Jackson (T.34N R.10E) 1.7 GB link
AREA (Township / T.R.) SIZE Download
NE-Joliet (T.35N R.10E) 1.4 GB link
NW-Joliet (T.35N R.10E)      1.4 GB      link
SE-Joliet (T.35N R.10E) 1.3 GB link
SW-Joliet (T.35N R.10E) 1.2 GB link
AREA (Township / T.R.) SIZE Download
NE-Lockport (T.36N R.10E) 1.6 GB link
NW-Lockport (T.36N R.10E)      1.1 GB      link
SE-Lockport (T.36N R.10E) 1.2 GB link
SW-Lockport (T.36N R.10E) 1.1 GB link
AREA (Township / T.R.) SIZE Download
NE-Manhattan (T.34N R.11E) 1.3 GB      link
NW-Manhattan (T.34N R.11E) 1.5 GB link
SE-Manhattan (T.34N R.11E) 1.2 GB link
SW-Manhattan (T.34N R.11E)      1.6 GB link
AREA (Township / T.R.) SIZE Download
NE-Monee (T.34N R.13E) 2.7 GB link
NW-Monee (T.34N R.13E)      1.6 GB link
SE-Monee (T.34N R.13E) 1.6 GB      link
SW-Monee (T.34N R.13E) 1.3 GB link
New Lenox
AREA (Township / T.R.) SIZE Download
NE-New Lenox (T.35N R.11E) 1.8 GB link
NW-New Lenox (T.35N R.11E) 1.5 GB link
SE-New Lenox (T.35N R.11E) 1.7 GB link
SW-New Lenox (T.35N R.11E)      1.2 GB      link
AREA (Township / T.R.) SIZE Download
NE-Peotone (T.33N R.12E) 1.5 GB link
NW-Peotone (T.33N R.12E)      1.5 GB      link
SE-Peotone (T.33N R.12E) 1.9 GB link
SW-Peotone (T.33N R.12E) 1.9 GB link
AREA (Township / T.R.) SIZE Download
NE-Plainfield (T.36N R.9E) 1.4 GB link
NW-Plainfield (T.36N R.9E) 1.6 GB      link
SE-Plainfield (T.36N R.9E) 1.2 GB link
SW-Plainfield (T.36N R.9E)      1.9 GB link
AREA (Township / T.R.) SIZE Download
NE-Reed (T.32N R.9E)        1.4 GB link
NW-Reed (T.32N R.9E) 1.9 GB link
SE-Reed (T.32N R.9E) 1.8 GB link
SW-Reed (T.32N R.9E) 2.1 GB      link
AREA (Township / T.R.)      SIZE Download
NE-Troy (T.35N R.9E) 1.3 GB link
NW-Troy (T.35N R.9E) 2.2 GB link
SE-Troy (T.35N R.9E) 1.4 GB link
SW-Troy (T.35N R.9E) 1.9 GB      link
AREA (Township / T.R.) SIZE Download
NE-Washington (T.33N R.14) 1.5 GB link
NW-Washington (T.33N R.14)      1.5 GB      link
SE-Washington (T.33N R.14) 2 GB link
SW-Washington (T.33N R.14) 1.9 GB link
E-Washington (T.33N R.15) 2.9 GB link
AREA (Township / T.R.) SIZE Download
NE-Wheatland (T.37N R.9E)      2.1 GB      link
NW-Wheatland (T.37N R.9E) 3.1 GB link
SE-Wheatland (T.37N R.9E) 1.3 GB link
SW-Wheatland (T.37N R.9E) 1.8 GB link
AREA (Township / T.R.) SIZE Download
NE-Will (T.33N R.13E) 2.1 GB link
NW-Will (T.33N R.13E)      1.6 GB link
SE-Will (T.33N R.13E) 1.9 GB link
SW-Will (T.33N R.13E) 2.6 GB      link
AREA (Township / T.R.) SIZE Download
NE-Wilmington (T.33N R.9E) 1.3 GB link
NW-Wilmington (T.33N R.9E) 1.8 GB link
SE-Wilmington (T.33N R.9E) 1.3 GB link
SW-Wilmington (T.33N R.9E)      1.7 GB      link
AREA (Township / T.R.) SIZE Download
NE-Wilton (T.33N R.11E) 2 GB link
NW-Wilton (T.33N R.11E)      2.1 GB link
SE-Wilton (T.33N R.11E) 1.5 GB      link
SW-Wilton (T.33N R.11E) 1.5 GB link