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Job TitleAssistant State's Attorney Civil and Criminal Division
Job SummaryPositions are open for both Criminal and Civil Assistant State’s Attorneys. Criminal attorneys prosecute traffic, misdemeanor and felony cases as well as juvenile delinquency and juvenile abuse and neglect cases and perform specific duties as assigned by the State’s Attorney. Civil attorneys represent the interests of the County of Will, its officers and employees. This includes but is not limited to handling all stages of litigation, reviewing legal documents, attending meetings, providing general legal counsel and any other legal services necessary to the elected officials of Will County or their respective staffs and departments. In addition, the civil division assistants are charged with the duties of establishing paternity, enforcing child support and prosecuting mental health petitions, property tax petitions and of performing any other duties assigned by their supervisor. An attorney with transactional and local government experience is preferred in the civil division.
Minimum QualificationsOne page letter of application and attached resume, copy of current A.R.D.C card issued by the Illinois Supreme Court, minimum three references, writing sample(s), law school transcripts. Background check required.
Salary RangeCommensurate with experience
Apply ToState’s Attorney Human Resources
Apply byUntil Positions are filled
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Disclaimer*Completed Will County Employment Application or Resume with cover letter and salary history may be submitted by mail, fax or hand delivered. Only interviewed applicants will be notified of the selection process. Equal Opportunity Employer

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