Purpose: (70 ILCS 1005/7) (from Ch. 111 1/2, par. 80) Sec. 7. The board of trustees of such district shall have power to take all necessary or proper steps for the extermination of mosquitoes, flies or other insects within the district, and, subject to the paramount control of the municipal or other public authorities, to abate as nuisances all stagnant pools of water and other breeding places for mosquitoes, flies or other insects within the district; to purchase such supplies and materials and to employ such labor and assistants as may be necessary or proper in furtherance of the objects of this Act, and if necessary or proper, in the furtherance of the same, to build, construct and thereafter to repair and maintain necessary levees, cuts, canals or channels upon any land within the district, and to acquire by purchase, condemnation or other lawful means, in the name of the district, any necessary lands, rights of way, easements, property or material requisite or necessary for any such purpose; to make contracts to indemnify or compensate any owner of land or other property for any injury or damage necessarily caused by the exercise of the powers of this Act conferred or arising out of the use, taking or damage of such property for any such purposes, and generally to do any and all things necessary or incident to the powers hereby granted and to carry out the objects specified herein. (Source: Laws 1927, p. 694.)

Authority: 70 ILCS 1005

Contact: Mark Senn

Phone #: (815) 293-0104

Fax #:

Email: mlsenn@comcast.net

Composition: (70 ILCS 1005/5) Board of trustees, consisting of 5 members, for the government and control of the affairs and business of such mosquito abatement district shall be appointed. Members must reside within the district

Meeting Date/Time: 1st Wednesday at 1:00pm beginning in March through November Location: Romeoville Village Hall 1050 West Romeo Road in Romeoville

Compensation: none

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Name  Term Ends  Position
Jerry Capps   3/1/21   Trustee
Mark Senn   3/1/22   President
Charles Smith   3/1/22   Trustee
Grant Spooner   3/1/22   Trustee
Robert Stoppenbach   3/1/22   Treasurer