Purpose: Duties and Jurisdiction of Commission: (55 ILCS 5/3-8007) The Merit Commission shall have the duties, pursuant to recognized merit principles of public employment, of certification for employment and promotion, and, upon complaint of the sheriff or states attorney as limited in this Division, to discipline or discharge as the circumstances may warrant. All full time deputy sheriffs shall be under the jurisdiction of this Act and the county board may provide that other positions, including jail officers, as defined in an Act to revise the law in relation to jails and jailers, approved March 3, 1874, as now or hereafter amended (repealed), shall be under the jurisdiction of the Commission.

Authority: 55 ILCS 5/3

Contact: Pam Taylor

Phone #: (815) 727-5680

Fax #:

Email: ptaylor@willcosheriff.org

Composition: No more than 3 members are to be affiliated with the same political party.

Meeting Date/Time: 1st Monday of every month at 10:00am Location: Court Annex Building - Merit Commission 57 N Ottawa St # 502 , Joliet, 60432

Compensation: Annual Salary of $18,000

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Name  Term Ends  Position
Joseph Mutz   9/1/24   Commissioner
Donald Gregory   9/1/25   Chairman
Thomas Morrison   9/1/26  
Raymond Soliman   9/1/27  
Dale Santerelli   9/1/28   Vice Chairman