Purpose: The Will County Stormwater Management Planning Committee aims to consolidate and coordinate existing stormwater management programs and activities into an effective unified countywide structure; prevent increases in stormwater-related problems associated with development, re-development and other watershed activities; remediate existing problems related to improper management of stormwater runoff and encroachment into flood prone areas; and ensure maintenance, management, and sustainable operation of natural and manmade stormwater drainage and storage features

Authority: 55 ILCS 5/5-1062.2 and CB Resolution 13-263

Contact: Dawn Tomczak

Phone #: (815) 774-3361

Fax #: 815-727-8638

Email: dtomczak@willcountylanduse.com

Composition: Will County Stormwater Management Committee By-Laws Article III: The committee shall consist of twenty-six (26) voting members. (A) County Members: Thirteen (13) members shall be appointed by the County Executive from the appropriate County board districts. (B) Municipal Members: Thirteen (13) members shall be representatives of Will County municipalities, one from each County Board district. They shall be appointed by a majority vote of the mayors of those municipalities which have the greatest percentage of their respective populations residing in each of the said thirteen County Board districts. (C) Alternates: One alternate member per County Board district may be designated by each appointing authority as defined in Article III Section 1. (D) Advisory Members: Advisory members may be appointed through a subsequent resolution by the majority vote of the twenty-six (26) Committee members. The Advisory members shall be non-voting members and their advisory roles and capacity shall be established by the Committee at the time of appointment.

Meeting Date/Time: 1st Tuesday of every month at 10:00am Location: Will County Office Building (County Board Room) 302 N. Chicago St. in Joliet

Compensation: none

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Name  Term Ends  Position
Robert Howard     District 1 County Representative
DJ Kruzel     District 1 Municipal Representative
James Moustis     District 2 County Representative
VACANT     District 2 Municipal Representative
VACANT     District 3 County Representative
Jonathan Dykstra, CFM - Chairman     District 3 Municipal Representative
VACANT     District 4 County Representative
Tom Pawlowicz     District 4 Municipal Representative
Bill Alstrom     District 5 County Representative
Randall Jessen     District 5 Municipal Representative
Paul Buss     District 6 County Representative
Ed Dolezal     District 6 Municipal Representative
VACANT     District 7 County Representative
Gordon McCluskey     District 7 Municipal Representative
VACANT     District 8 County Representative
VACANT     District 8 Municipal Representative
Norbert Likar     District 9 County Representative
Ken Carroll     District 9 Municipal Representative
Joe Hadamik     District 10 County Representative
VACANT     District 10 Municipal Representative
Theresa O'Grady     District 11 County Representative
Raymund Fano     District 11 Municipal Representative
Tom Weigel - Vice Chair     District 12 County Representative
Will Nash     District 12 Municipal Representative
VACANT     District 13 County Representative
William Lamb     District 13 Municipal Representative