Will County Community Mental Health Board (708 Board)

Purpose: The Community Mental Health Board is responsible for planning, coordinating, evaluating and allocating funds for mental health resources within Will County.

Composition: 405 ILCS 20/3a. Every governmental unit authorized to levy an annual tax under any of the provisions of this Act shall, before it may levy such tax, establish a 7 member community mental health board who shall administer this Act. Such board shall be appointed by the chairman of the governing body of a county [...] with the advice and consent of the governing body of such county [...]. Members of the community mental health board shall be residents of the government unit and, as nearly as possible, be representative of interested groups of the community such as local health departments, medical societies, local comprehensive health planning agencies, hospital boards, lay associations concerned with mental health, developmental disabilities and substance abuse, as well as the general public. Only one member shall be a member of the governing body. The chairman of the governing body may, upon the request of the community mental health board, appoint 2 additional members to the community mental health board. No member of the community mental health board may be a full-time or part-time employee of the Department of Human Services or a board member, employee or any other individual receiving compensation from any facility or service operating under contract to the board.

Important Notices

New Location Beginning With December 11, 2023 Meeting. See Agenda. 

2023 Meetings

The following meetings are scheduled for 3:30pm at the Will County Office Building, unless otherwise posted.

April 17, 2023 
May 15, 2023 
June 12, 2023 
July 10, 2023 
August 14, 2023 
September 11, 2023*
October 9, 2023*
November 13, 2023
December 11, 2023 

*Meeting Canceled

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