Funding Your Project

A solar energy system is an investment that was previously known as being cost-prohibitive for most. However, solar energy systems have significantly decreased in price in recent years, approximately 80% between 2008 and 2015 according to the U.S. Department of Energy. State incentives have made solar energy systems more wallet-friendly, including federal tax credits , saving residents 30% of total project cost through 12/31/2019, and solar renewable energy credits (SRECs) that are sold in an open market.

Tax Credits

Visit Energy Star’s website to learn more about the 30% Federal Tax Credit that will save you 30% of your solar project’s cost! Install before December 2019 to take advantage of the highest available credits.

Solar panels w/ coins

Grant Opportunities

We are not aware of any grant funding available for residential solar at this time. 

Funding Support

EnergySage will link you to multiple solar energy quotes and financing options from multiple contractors through a user-friendly website. Just enter your zip code and go!

Google’s Project Sunroof will help you estimate the solar potential of your rooftop, up-front cost and total cost (including incentives and SRECs), and your 20-year savings.