Duplicate Payments

When various parties pay taxes such as owner, mortgage company or title company all payments submitted are applied which can create a duplicate payment.

In order to obtain a refund of a duplicated payment the following must be completed:

  • Provide proof of payment:
    • Copy of front and back of cancelled check.
    • Monthly bank statement identifying date and amount paid.
    • Original receipt for cash payments made in person or at bank.
    • Copy of bank or credit card statement identifying date and amount settled.
    • If payment made by Title Company – must submit closing statement in addition to one of the above.

Refunds will be processed and issued to the first properly executed affidavit received in our office.

Refund applications must be submitted on or before the five year statue of limitations, which begins on the date the duplicate payment was made.

Click Duplicate Payments Report for list of duplicate payments.