A Guide to the Delinquent Tax Process

What is a Tax Sale?

By Illinois Compiled Statutes the Will County Treasurer is required to sell any taxes that have not been paid in full for the current tax year.

  • Only the unpaid balance of tax is sold; your house is not sold, and the Will County Treasurer’s Office does not report to any credit agencies.
  • At the sale, tax buyers buy (“pay”) the unpaid tax. This is required by law so the different taxing bodies (like Libraries, School Districts, Fire Departments, etc.) receive the funds for which they levied.
  • After the Tax Sale, you will deal directly with the Will County Clerk’s Office for tax redemption (“paying back the taxes”). You will not need to deal with the tax buyer.
  • You or your mortgage company have a minimum of two years from the date of sale to redeem (“pay back”) taxes.
  • The longer the time between the Tax Sale and redemption, the higher the penalty is likely to be.