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Barn Cat Adoption Program – “Whiskers at Work”

Barn Cat Adoption Program Banner

Will County Animal Protection Services is proud to introduce a new adoption program for residents and business owners in agricultural-zoned areas – Whiskers at Work! This innovative adoption program places felines that otherwise would not make good “indoor cats” at locations to work as rodent deterrent, living and working alongside their human landlords.

A Whiskers at Work cat is typically an adult feral or semi-feral cat that would usually be considered unadoptable in a shelter environment and are better utilized to assist with rodent control in barns or other large spaces. Most of these cats are not used to human contact or not suited to living in a traditional home setting. In fact, Whiskers at Work cats would not be happy as house cats. With this program, you are allowing them to live their best lives by “hiring” one of these cats to work for you!


The Whiskers at Work program is open to all residents that live or work on agricultural-zoned property. To qualify, you must own the property that the barn cat will be deployed, and the property must be zoned as agricultural.


Adoption fees are waived once accepted through the Whiskers at Work program.

What do the cats in this program receive prior to placement?

Our adoptable working and barn cats are:

  • Spayed / neutered
  • Up to date on vaccines
  • Tested for Feluk / FIV
  • Microchipped
  • Ear notched

How do I get started?

Contact Will County Animal Protection Services to start the process! You will receive an application and information about how to make the transition to your property as seamless as possible for the barn cats. Once accepted in the program, preparations will begin for locating a Whiskers at Work cat to your property, and if you ever have any questions, you can reach out to WC Animal Protection Services.

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