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CDBG Demolition Bids

Four (4) Bids

Instructions to Bidders: Enclosed are bid documents that may be of interest to your company. Please 
note the date as to when these bids will be opened.

This bid document shall be returned intact (the same order as downloaded). Do not return a partial 
or altered contract. Also, all pages shall be completely filled out and notarized where indicated. 
Each open line contained in this bidder’s package requires a response and must be acknowledged. 
Failure to complete and return the entire package may invalidate your proposal.

All bids shall be submitted in an opaque, sealed envelope that identifies on the face of the 
envelop the name of the bidder, and a statement that the envelope is a sealed bid to be opened for 
the contract consideration at the date and hour set forth in the invitation to bid. Bids shall be 
address to the Community Development Division, Attn: Michael Smetana, Will County Land Use 
Department, 58 E. Clinton Street, Suite 100, Joliet, Illinois 60432 prior to the time and date set 
forth for bid opening.

Should there be any questions concerning these specifications, please contact the Building Division 
of the Will County Land Use Department at 815-727-8634.


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