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Sunny Hill Nursing Home Resident Celebrates 101st Birthday
Matthew Libs
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Sunny Hill Nursing Home Resident Celebrates 101st Birthday

Feeling wonderful, energetic and especially social on her special day, Sunny Hill Nursing Home of Will County resident Betty Nieswender, was celebrated by fellow residents and staff on her 101st birthday April 28, 2023.

“It’s not every day you get to celebrate three-digit birthdays,” said Maggie McDowell, Sunny Hill Nursing Home’s Administrator. “Betty is a beloved member of our Sunny Hill family, and it is so amazing to see her in her element at her birthday as the social butterfly and friendly face she’s known for around here.

“She is the life and soul of the party and living her best life daily here at Sunny Hill Nursing Home,” added McDowell.

Born in Menomonie, Wisconsin, Betty’s family moved to Joliet when she was three years old, where she’s resided for the past 98 years. Betty attributes her longevity to good genes, as her mother lived to be almost 97.

“I wanted to outlive her, we enjoyed each other,” Betty said about her mother. “I married young and was widowed at 52.” Bill, her husband, passed away suddenly with a heart condition nearly 50 years ago. Betty is proud to share that her nieces and nephews are wonderful to her, and how thankful she is for all they do for her.

Betty’s hobbies include crafting, needlepoint, bingo, and participating in all social events happening around Sunny Hill. She also shared answers to a few questions about advice she could offer to the younger generations about life and what she’s learned over the years.

When asked for words of wisdom to share, Betty responded, “Enjoy life! Live as long as you like and like the life you live. This quote is too smart for me – I read it somewhere, so I won’t take credit.”

And when asked if she has any regrets and what is the best lesson in life she’s learned, she said, “No regrets – I was very happy with my life.”

“Take it one day at a time and make the most of each day,” Betty continued. “Although I am prone to procrastination at times, sometimes tomorrow never comes.”

Sunny Hill Nursing Home’s Life Engagement Department organizes and provides multiple fun, resident-focused activities each month. Engagement staff coordinate meaningful and engaging activities for each resident, whether on an individual basis or in group sessions. Activities are organized throughout the facility and are provided daily, including weekends.

About Sunny Hill Nursing Home: Sunny Hill Nursing Home of Will County (SHNH) is a 156-bed, 5-star, state-of-the-art, long-term intermediate and skilled nursing care facility owned and operated by the County of Will. SHNH’s mission is to provide the highest quality of resident-centered care possible to satisfy the physical, social, psychological, and spiritual needs of each resident. SHNH is dedicated to providing these services based on the choices of each individual resident so that each resident can maintain their dignity, comfort, and individuality.


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