About Resident - Centered Care

At Sunny Hill Nursing Home, Residents live happier, fuller lives because they’re able to make more choices and decisions about their lifestyle. Their families enjoy better family relationships by being more involved in care. And employees experience a greater degree of participation with the residents, resulting in increased job satisfaction.

Resident Centered Care at Sunny Hill combines the best of the clinical model of care with a flexible, innovative social model.

Resident centered care focuses on individuals, listening to and answering their needs in a way that helps them build self-esteem and maintain dignity. Simply put, it gives each Resident more freedom in his or her own home.

As Sunny Hill implements this new approach to elder care we strive to respond to each Resident's spiritual, physical and emotional needs. This process requires creativity on the parts of staff, Residents and family members in order to successfully implement this concept.

Our current practices include Buffet Dining where our Residents not only choose what they eat, but also when they eat, our Team approach to care provides consistent staffing, and Our “Get-Up When You Wake-Up” philosophy allows our Residents to sleep as late as they want and stay up late if that is what they prefer.

As in many Resident centered facilities, every member of the facility's team care for residents, from administrators to nurse aides. For example, all call lights are answered immediately. Whoever is close when the call is placed answers, and this could be a member of the administration.

Sunny Hill Nursing Home commits to these principles and values:

› Know each person
› Each person can and does make a difference
› Relationship is the fundamental building block of a transformed culture.
› Respond to spirit, as well as mind and body.
› Risk-taking is a normal part of life Put person before task.
› All elders are entitled to self-determination wherever they live.
› Community is the antidote to institutionalization.
› Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.
› Promote the growth and development of all.
› Shape and use the potential of the environment in all aspects: physical, organizational, and psychosocial / spiritual.
› Practice self-examination, searching for new creativity and opportunities for doing better. Recognize that culture change and transformation are not destinations, but a journey --always a work in progress.

Sunny Hill Nursing Home is committed to helping our Residents enjoy life's daily pleasures. We believe that Resident Centered Care is about helping elders find a better way to live out the twilight of their lives.